Septic Problems When It Rains

During large rain events septic system problems can occur. Here are some pointers to keep your septic system functional during these rain events:

1. Divert roof gutters away from the septic system.
2. If you don’t have gutters get them installed.
3. Have the septic tank sealed and grouted so rain water doesn’t enter the tank.
4. Have septic system with drainage in mind. Make sure the mounded septic drainfield sheds water away from home, garage, or driveway.
5. Be sure your irrigation zone that is on or near the drainfield is turned off.
6. If you have a lift station make sure a generator can be used with the system. Check the power requirements.

Septic and Rain
Divert runoff
Seal Septic Tank
Septic Drainfield

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