Drainfield and Drainage

Septic system drainfield and drainage products should be reviewed and understood by the consumer prior to making a decision. As more  products are being developed every year, it is important to provide a comparison of some of the different drainfield and drainage products designed for septic systems. Some of the drainfield products are discussed below:

1. Infiltrator Chambers
Infiltrator chambers are innovative rockless system that creates a void underground for water to percolate into the ground. The system consists of a strong shell to provide a sturdy infrastructure for the drainfield system.

2. Multipipe or PTI
Multipipe is a bundle of pipes bundled together to provide a void space to allow water to drain into the ground.

3. Geoflow Drip System
Drip systems in the septic and wastewater industry has become a very proven wastewater disposal system, especially here in Florida.

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