Why You Should Consider Drip Irrigation for Your Septic System

When considering a method of disposing of your wastewater then one should consider a technique that is widely used for septic systems and wastewater effluent disposal or reuse. Drip irrigation can be used to provide beneficial reuse in many applications. Once the effluent has been treated or screened to a level that it can be dispersed through the emitters. These emitters provide vital nutrients to the crop or grass for utilization. Therefore, the drip reuse allows for a means for nutrients to be assimilated. Rapid infiltration basins and drainfields provide little treatment for nutrients. These nutrients accumulate in our groundwater and pop in our springs, rivers, and oceans. Therefore, treatment of the water plays a role also stewardship is equally as important. Providing alternative methods of disposal that curbs fertilizer use should be an inherent choice. However, economics rules more often than not. A treatment system adequate of producing an effluent quality that allows drip can be used and return a smaller human footprint on our environment. It does cost money. However, as these systems begin to gain acceptance the cost of the product is coming down.

In Florida, Southern Water and Soil, Inc., has provided many customers the option of drip irrigation for flows between 200 gallons and 200,000 gallons. These systems are becoming affordable and when a mounded system is required can lessen the impact water mounding and the size of the system. Since water is being utilized in the growth of the grass then the footprint of the drainage system can be smaller.

Drip Disposal System

SWS uses Geoflow’s patented drip irrigation system. Geoflow protects against root intrusion and bio fouling.

Geoflow Drip Irrigation

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