Norweco Singulair Green System

Southern Water and Soil, Inc., installed a Norweco Singulair Green ATU. The use of the Norweco Singulair Green allows one to reduce mound heights through the use of drip irrigation by Geoflow. Geoflow drip irrigation is a respected leader in the onsite wastewater Industry. If you think you are stuck with a mound septic system then let SWS provide you with septic system alternatives. We have designed many residential and commercial septic systems.


Norweco has been in the wastewater industry since 1902 and has provided a very efficient aerobic treatment unit (ATU).


Drip irrigation is one of the most efficient ways of returning wastewater into the environment. SWS is the distributor in Florida for drip irrigation.

Don’t settle for septic systems that destroy the aesthetics of your yard. Get educated on your options. Ask SWS to provide you with some options.

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