Aerobic Treatment Unit

Southern Water and Soil, Inc., provides alternative septic systems for small lots (residential and commercial). We provide cost effective solutions that are based on solid science. SWS engineers and installs aerobic treatment units in Florida. The use of ATU’s and drip irrigation allows a much smaller footprint than what is required with a conventional septic system. Also, performance based treatment systems (PBTS) allow for further variances of standard septic systems. If you have a small lot or don’t wish to see unsightly septic mounds then give the guys at SWS a call and allow them to design your septic system.

Drip Line Installed in Florida
Drip Irrigation System in Florida

The aerobic treatment process adds oxygen to the tank and allows the efficient breakdown of biological constituents. After the aerobic treatment unit the effluent will travel through a lift station and into the drip lines. This saves space over conventional septic tanks and drainfields. Also, this is great way of reusing the wastewater.

ATU Treatment System
Norweco Singulair Green ATU

Call SWS about their innovative and cost effective septic and aerobic treatment systems. SWS will provide you the options for your septic and wastewater needs.


2 Replies to “Aerobic Treatment Unit”

  1. I like the idea of using a drip system with our septic tank. Can this be added to any tank, or will we need to get a new one. This would look much nicer than the septic mounds that we have right now.

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