Septic Mound Drainfield Alternative

In the Tampa Bay Area there are areas that have water tables that seasonally get high. If you are on a septic system these water tables pose a threat to your septic drainfield.  The conventional method of repairing septic drain fields that are failing is to build a mound drainfield. Some people call them Mt. Flushmore. 

The reason that these systems have to be mounded is due to the soil conditions that are present at the subject property. SWS can install mound systems and alternative systems.

An alternative system worth mentioning is the use of a Norweco Green ATU with Geoflow drip irrigation system.

Drip Irrigation System

When you have a drip irrigation system the mound is reduced in height or eliminated. Also the drip field doesn’t have to be replaced if maintenance is performed correctly.

SWS will provide you with excellent design services and provide the options for septic system. Whether you need a need a new septic system or a drainfield replacement SWS can get your septic system squared away.

Why There is a Need For Septic Inspections in Florida




Illegal Septic System Discharge
Illegal Septic Discharge

There is a lot of controversy over mandatory septic inspections for homeowners and property owners in Florida. Here is evidence as to why septic systems should be inspected on a regular basis. Southern Water and Soil, Inc., discovered this illegal septic system discharge while installing a septic system next door. There are no mandatory septic system inspections in Florida. Here is one reason that mandatory septic tank inspections should be required in Florida. This system discharges into a wet ditch that discharges directly into the Alafia River in Hillsborough County, Florida.

However, Florida legislators oppose such inspections as an intrusion into private rights of homeowners and that homeowners will properly police themselves. This is evidence that when people are left to govern themselves accordingly or use common sense they will abuse the environment and illegally repair their septic systems. Then when septic contractors and environmentalist ask for responsible septic system inspections there is always the opposition. Also, there are the studies that say septic systems pollute! Properly operating septic systems don’t pollute.

Septic System Illegal Discharge
Illegal Septic System Discharge

It is the illegal septic systems that have been repaired by rogue repairmen and homeowners that cause problems. We are asked by homeowners and property owners to repair their drainfields without a permit. There are companies that give out quotes with and without permits. When repairs are completed without permit these companies are circumventing rules that protect our industry and environment by allowing repairs of septic system drain fields into the water table or illegally discharging into waterways. I am tired of the blame being placed on properly operating septic systems. It comes down to proper governing of septic systems. These systems are not to be just installed and then forgotten.  Homeowners and renters will do whatever means is necessary to allow their toilet to flush. They will install such systems as the one pictured above. This is a downright disgrace to the environment and to our public waterway users.

I am asking that people call their legislators and call upon their county commissioners to protect our drinking water and our waterways. I personally don’t want to be boating and swimming in other peoples feces!


Septic Systems near the Alafia River
Alafia River 40′ Down Stream.

The only way to police these illegal septic system repairs is to do mandatory septic system inspections and properly repair these septic systems.

Septic Drainfield Installation Cost – Tampa, FL

We get many calls on how much a septic system installation cost will be. There are many factors that affect the cost of your septic system. We will discuss some of these factors here today:

1. Soil Conditions – The type of soil that is at your property is very much a concern. Soils can vary from lot to lot. If your lot is large it can vary 20-30 feet away. It is important to have a soil test done exactly where the system is going to be installed. Soils can change the cost of your septic system by thousands of dollars. We have had excavations that have had to be excavated to 6-7 feet below grade. This can influence the type of septic that can be installed. There are alternative septic systems that can be installed that can reduce mound heights.

2. Seasonal High Water Table – Where the seasonal high water table is located influences the height of your septic system. A high water table increases the height of where we can install the septic system. This change in height creates added cost due to septic sand being brought onto the site.  We have seen added costs to the tune of $10,000. If you are purchasing land that is on septic a site suitability would be a prudent thing to do.

3. Septic System Products – The type of septic system products that you choose can affect the cost. Optional items can be purchased that increase the cost of the system. However, there are many beneficial products that keep maintenance costs down.  There are many types of tanks, effluent filters, pumps, drainfield products, and control panels. It is important to know what kind of product is being installed. SWS will educate you on the type of products that can be used on your system and cost differences.

4. Septic and Drainfield Design – If the septic system is an engineered system then the type of design can affect the septic system cost. Most engineers are not experienced enough in septic systems to value engineer the septic system. At SWS we are an engineered septic contractor. We are a design-build-operate company. We want the system to function properly and effectively. Southern Water and Soil, Inc., is a registered septic tank contractor and septic system engineering company located in Tampa, FL. We provide cost effective septic designs and solutions. When value engineering is a concern SWS is on top of it. SWS educates the owner as to the septic system options. Whether it is a conventional in-ground septic system, mounded septic system, aerobic system, drip system, or low pressure dosing system SWS can get it done.

5. Building Size – The size of your structure has an influence on the cost of the septic system. The Florida Department of Health dictates the sizes of the septic system in the Florida Administrative Code. The larger the home or office the more the septic system will cost due to the system being sized larger.

6. Number of Persons – The number of people that the system services affects the size of the septic system. A system designed for a 1 bedroom home and 2 people can be smaller than a 6 bedroom home serving 6 people. 

Septic Installation Cost
Cost Effective Septic Design
Septic System With Drip
Drip Irrigation Septic System

If you are thinking about having a new septic system installed in the Tampa, Florida are then call the septic system experts at Southern Water and Soil, Inc.