Septic Mound Drainfield Alternative

In the Tampa Bay Area there are areas that have water tables that seasonally get high. If you are on a septic system these water tables pose a threat to your septic drainfield.  The conventional method of repairing septic drain fields that are failing is to build a mound drainfield. Some people call them Mt. Flushmore. 

The reason that these systems have to be mounded is due to the soil conditions that are present at the subject property. SWS can install mound systems and alternative systems.

An alternative system worth mentioning is the use of a Norweco Green ATU with Geoflow drip irrigation system.

Drip Irrigation System

When you have a drip irrigation system the mound is reduced in height or eliminated. Also the drip field doesn’t have to be replaced if maintenance is performed correctly.

SWS will provide you with excellent design services and provide the options for septic system. Whether you need a need a new septic system or a drainfield replacement SWS can get your septic system squared away.

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