Septic Tank and Drain Field Inspections

Buying a new home? Recently had a system installed and having problems? Call SWS, we can take a look at what you have and inspect your Tampa, Lutz, Land O’ Lakes, Odessa septic system. We thoroughly inspect the septic system and determine if the system is functioning properly and meets current septic system codes set forth by the Florida Department of Health.

Septic and fats, oils, and grease
This system is failing due to fats, oils, and grease that has been introduced into the system.

There are things that we can see when we open up the tanks that can show us what has been put through the system.

Septic tank risers and lids
Mismatched and improperly sealed risers.

Risers that allow access to your septic system is important that you get the risers required for the job you have. Is the seasonal high groundwater table high? Then this comes into play for your drainfield. A leaking septic tank can reek havoc on your drainfield causing drainfield failure. A properly investigated septic system diagnostic is important to determine the cause of the drainfield failure.

Allow the experts at SWS to inspect your septic system and determine the best options for your septic tank system and needs.