Why There is a Need For Septic Inspections in Florida




Illegal Septic System Discharge
Illegal Septic Discharge

There is a lot of controversy over mandatory septic inspections for homeowners and property owners in Florida. Here is evidence as to why septic systems should be inspected on a regular basis. Southern Water and Soil, Inc., discovered this illegal septic system discharge while installing a septic system next door. There are no mandatory septic system inspections in Florida. Here is one reason that mandatory septic tank inspections should be required in Florida. This system discharges into a wet ditch that discharges directly into the Alafia River in Hillsborough County, Florida.

However, Florida legislators oppose such inspections as an intrusion into private rights of homeowners and that homeowners will properly police themselves. This is evidence that when people are left to govern themselves accordingly or use common sense they will abuse the environment and illegally repair their septic systems. Then when septic contractors and environmentalist ask for responsible septic system inspections there is always the opposition. Also, there are the studies that say septic systems pollute! Properly operating septic systems don’t pollute.

Septic System Illegal Discharge
Illegal Septic System Discharge

It is the illegal septic systems that have been repaired by rogue repairmen and homeowners that cause problems. We are asked by homeowners and property owners to repair their drainfields without a permit. There are companies that give out quotes with and without permits. When repairs are completed without permit these companies are circumventing rules that protect our industry and environment by allowing repairs of septic system drain fields into the water table or illegally discharging into waterways. I am tired of the blame being placed on properly operating septic systems. It comes down to proper governing of septic systems. These systems are not to be just installed and then forgotten.  Homeowners and renters will do whatever means is necessary to allow their toilet to flush. They will install such systems as the one pictured above. This is a downright disgrace to the environment and to our public waterway users.

I am asking that people call their legislators and call upon their county commissioners to protect our drinking water and our waterways. I personally don’t want to be boating and swimming in other peoples feces!


Septic Systems near the Alafia River
Alafia River 40′ Down Stream.

The only way to police these illegal septic system repairs is to do mandatory septic system inspections and properly repair these septic systems.