New Septic Tank Installation

Southern Water and Soil, Inc., installed new tanks for a mobile home park that was adding 6 new homes to the park.

Septic Tank Installation

Installing septic tanks requires the right equipment at the right time. There are many factors that can make an installation go wrong. If the groundwater is too high then the ground may have to be dewattered. This can add 3,000 dollars to the project in a hurry.

Lift Station Install

Adding water to the tanks is very important to keep the septic tank from floating out of the ground. This also provides stability to the tanks after getting them set in place.

Septic Tank Installation

If you need a new septic system installed then don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can make sure you get the best product for your installation.

Engineered Septic Installation for RV Park

Southern Water and Soil, Inc., recently installed a new septic system for a RV Park in Dade City, Florida. SWS engineered the septic system, installed the septic system, and maintains the septic system. Providing a one-stop shop for the septic system needs helps SWS stay ahead of the competion.

SWS installs innovative and cost effective septic systems that work and save our clients money. Septic system design and engineering is very important to the functioning of the septic system. Providing education to the customer about their septic tank is what we strive to do. If you have questions about your septic system or would like a professional to explain the options for your septic needs then call SWS.

Drip Irrigation Septic
Geoflow Drip Irrigation

Through the use of Geoflow drip irrigation, Norweco treatment systems, filters by Bear Onsite, controls by Orenco Systems, and other design considerations SWS provides solid septic system design and installations.

5,000 Gallon Per Day System
5,000 GPD Treatment System

This installation was quite tedious because we had to permit the system through the Florida’s Bureau of Onsite Sewage and the Pasco County Health Department. SWS provided the owner’s with septic engineering and permitting.  Prior to permitting and engineering SWS was able to provide the owner’s with a construction cost. This helps the owner’s determine the best options for their septic system needs.

Septic Tank System Installed
Treatment Tank Installation

The treatment tanks were installed and the existing plumbing was tied into the new treatment system. This septic system added additional capacity for the RV Park. Now as other septic tanks in the facility begin to fail these systems are added to the new system through a modification permit.

Drainfield flexibility
Flexible Drainfield Design

Another note is that the drainfield dispersal using drip irrigation is very flexible. We were able to install the drip system around the trees that were onsite. Geoflow drip irrigation has a patened technology that can keep the roots from getting into the drip emitters.

So, if you want a septic system designed to last and expect quality septic parts and pieces to be installed. Then have SWS design and install your septic system.


Having septic problems during rain events can be frustrating. Many septic problems stem from not having watertight septic tanks. Many times when we are replacing drainfields that have become soggy and overloaded we make every effort to seal inlets, outlets, risers, lids, seams around the tank, and any other places water can into the system. Excess water can wash all of the solids into the drainfield and cause premature drainfield failure. Also, the aerobic organisms that live in the drainfield can turn anaerobic. The anaerobic organisms are 60 times slower than the aerobic organisms. This leaves a bio-mat build up in the drainfield area.

Watertight Riser Access

We have had to replace mainy septic tanks due to improper installation. Many times in the old days installers would punch a hole in the bottom of the tank to allow the tank to sink into the excavated hole. This was done many many times. However, this creates a problem during the rainy season when the groundwater becomes higher than the bottom of the drainfield. When these systems fail the septic tank has to be replaced due to the installation of a lift station would allow ground water to flow over and into the lift station and allow excess water to flow into the drainfield.

Watertight Lift Station

Many times installers will not install a riser access to access filters and internal septic tank componets. Also, sometimes they don’t use a bolt down kit or tank adapter kit. This can create problems with excess water and soil to get into the tank. This can create issues with excess water and soil getting into the drainfield. This is another problem with improperly sealed septic tanks.

Time Dosed Control Panel

A time dosed control panel can help determine if your septic system is receiving excess water. The control panel can be programmed to determine the amound water being used. Once the permitted amount of water is allowed to exit then the control panel will alarm you and let you know that their is a leak in your house or from a leaky septic tank. The benefit of the timed dosed control panel provides the owner the peace of mind to let them know that the excess water will not inundate the septic system drainfield.

If your septic system is blowing out or backing up and you have foul odors or mushy and soggy areas around your septic tank or drainfield then let the septic system experts at SWS diagnose your septic drainfield problems.

SWS serves the Tampa Bay Area including, Tampa, Lutz, Odessa, Zephryhills, Dade City, and Wesley Chapel. Let SWS help you out! 813-785-0500

Why There is a Need For Septic Inspections in Florida




Illegal Septic System Discharge
Illegal Septic Discharge

There is a lot of controversy over mandatory septic inspections for homeowners and property owners in Florida. Here is evidence as to why septic systems should be inspected on a regular basis. Southern Water and Soil, Inc., discovered this illegal septic system discharge while installing a septic system next door. There are no mandatory septic system inspections in Florida. Here is one reason that mandatory septic tank inspections should be required in Florida. This system discharges into a wet ditch that discharges directly into the Alafia River in Hillsborough County, Florida.

However, Florida legislators oppose such inspections as an intrusion into private rights of homeowners and that homeowners will properly police themselves. This is evidence that when people are left to govern themselves accordingly or use common sense they will abuse the environment and illegally repair their septic systems. Then when septic contractors and environmentalist ask for responsible septic system inspections there is always the opposition. Also, there are the studies that say septic systems pollute! Properly operating septic systems don’t pollute.

Septic System Illegal Discharge
Illegal Septic System Discharge

It is the illegal septic systems that have been repaired by rogue repairmen and homeowners that cause problems. We are asked by homeowners and property owners to repair their drainfields without a permit. There are companies that give out quotes with and without permits. When repairs are completed without permit these companies are circumventing rules that protect our industry and environment by allowing repairs of septic system drain fields into the water table or illegally discharging into waterways. I am tired of the blame being placed on properly operating septic systems. It comes down to proper governing of septic systems. These systems are not to be just installed and then forgotten.  Homeowners and renters will do whatever means is necessary to allow their toilet to flush. They will install such systems as the one pictured above. This is a downright disgrace to the environment and to our public waterway users.

I am asking that people call their legislators and call upon their county commissioners to protect our drinking water and our waterways. I personally don’t want to be boating and swimming in other peoples feces!


Septic Systems near the Alafia River
Alafia River 40′ Down Stream.

The only way to police these illegal septic system repairs is to do mandatory septic system inspections and properly repair these septic systems.

Drainfield Replacement in Tampa Bay Area

Are you looking for a cost estimate on a new or replacement drainfield system. When you are looking for septic tank system repairs or replacements costs then call the septic experts at SWS.

Greg Mayfield is the owner of SWS. Greg is a former health department septic inspector. He has over 16 years of hands on experience with septic systems.

If you are in need of a drainfield repair and you live in Hillsborough, Pasco, or Pinellas counties then give SWS a chance to provide you with top notch septic system options.

SWS specializes in septic smart panel installstions. A septic system smart panel can detect leaks that could damage your septic system drain field.  SWS has their own line of control panels that are specific to our part of Florida.






If you need a new septic system design, repair, or just want to be educated on what the options are then give SWS a call and let us get you the septic system information you need.

Aerobic Treatment Unit

Southern Water and Soil, Inc., provides alternative septic systems for small lots (residential and commercial). We provide cost effective solutions that are based on solid science. SWS engineers and installs aerobic treatment units in Florida. The use of ATU’s and drip irrigation allows a much smaller footprint than what is required with a conventional septic system. Also, performance based treatment systems (PBTS) allow for further variances of standard septic systems. If you have a small lot or don’t wish to see unsightly septic mounds then give the guys at SWS a call and allow them to design your septic system.

Drip Line Installed in Florida
Drip Irrigation System in Florida

The aerobic treatment process adds oxygen to the tank and allows the efficient breakdown of biological constituents. After the aerobic treatment unit the effluent will travel through a lift station and into the drip lines. This saves space over conventional septic tanks and drainfields. Also, this is great way of reusing the wastewater.

ATU Treatment System
Norweco Singulair Green ATU

Call SWS about their innovative and cost effective septic and aerobic treatment systems. SWS will provide you the options for your septic and wastewater needs.


Mobile Home Park Onsite Sewage Treatment System

Southern Water and Soil, Inc., is a engineering and onsite wastewater system contractor. SWS can complete your project from planning and budgeting through engineering, permitting, installation and maintenance. Mobile home park onsite wastewater systems is one of our specialties. Come check out our innovative approaches and see why people choose SWS.

Onsite Wastewater System
Septic System Mobile Home
Mobile Home Park Engineered System

Engineered low pressure dosing onsite septic and wastewater systems are designed to spread the effluent through out the entire drainfield. This provides a more efficient means of providing wastewater treatment.

Drip irrigation is another method of wastewater reuse and disposal. Onsite wastewater treatment systems are SWS’s specialty.

Call SWS at 813-785-0500.