Septic Tank and Drain Field Inspections

Buying a new home? Recently had a system installed and having problems? Call SWS, we can take a look at what you have and inspect your Tampa, Lutz, Land O’ Lakes, Odessa septic system. We thoroughly inspect the septic system and determine if the system is functioning properly and meets current septic system codes set forth by the Florida Department of Health.

Septic and fats, oils, and grease
This system is failing due to fats, oils, and grease that has been introduced into the system.

There are things that we can see when we open up the tanks that can show us what has been put through the system.

Septic tank risers and lids
Mismatched and improperly sealed risers.

Risers that allow access to your septic system is important that you get the risers required for the job you have. Is the seasonal high groundwater table high? Then this comes into play for your drainfield. A leaking septic tank can reek havoc on your drainfield causing drainfield failure. A properly investigated septic system diagnostic is important to determine the cause of the drainfield failure.

Allow the experts at SWS to inspect your septic system and determine the best options for your septic tank system and needs.

Septic Drainfield Installation, Repair, and Replacement

Drainfield installation and repair company located in the Tampa Bay Area. Servicing Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas, and Hernando Counties.

Wesley Chapel Septic Drainfield
Drainfield Replacement Using Infiltrator Chambers

Septic Drainfield Replacement, Installation, and Repair is something that Southern Water and Soil, Inc., does well. Providing homeowners solutions to their septic problems is what we do. Whether it is replacing a sump pump (lift station pump) or replacing an entire drainfield SWS can get the job done.

Infiltrator Chambers are our drainfield of choice. We would love to tell you why. SWS provides septic know-how. Having an educated septic owner is what we strive to provide. Whether you are located in Tampa, Lutz, Odessa, Land O’ Lakes, Wesley Chapel, Zephyrhills, San Antonio, or Dade City we can provide you with the options for your septic system needs.

Need an engineered system – SWS does septic engineering. We have designed decentralized/septic systems througout Florida using today’s best products. We have engineered Hoot Systems, Norweco Systems, ClearStream Systems, Orenco Systems, Bio-Microbics, and many more systems.

Drip Irrigation Systems are something that we take pride in talking about too. We have installed more drip than any other septic contractor in the State of Florida. If a septic mound reduction is what you desire then this is the solution to discuss. So, when it comes to drip irrigation systems for your septic system don’t hesitate to call us for a consulation.

Septic to Drip System
Geoflow Drip Irrigation


Drainfield Installation in Pasco, Hernando, and Hillsborough Counties

If you are looking for a septic company that delivers what they promise then call SWS. We strive to make our customers happy in every aspect of the job. Providing a septic installation that is soup to nuts is what we strive to provide from design and permitting to installation and operation. Give SWS a chance to provide you with the best septic solutions in the industry.

Wesley Chapel Septic Installation

We use Infiltrator Chambers as one of our solutions. Call us for a septic system quote and we will get you the right solution for your job. Knowing what the options are makes your septic system decision easier. Not all products are created equal.

Septic Excavation

Proper septic system excavation techniques and methodologies are important to the longterm success of your septic system. Using the right machine for the job is important. Give SWS a call and we can go over your options.

Failed Septic System Replaced

Southern Water and Soil replaced a PTI multi-pipe system that failed within a 3 year period. The PTI 9 pipe or ADS multi-pipe system is a product that receives a reduction in drainfield size that allows a more affordable solution.

Failed PTI Drainfield

There are usually more than one reason a drainfield fails. One must look at the amount of water, fats, oils, and grease that enter the septic system. When a system is reduced in size due to the product it leaves very little room for error.

Grease and Sludge Buildup

Let SWS review your situation and provide you with septic solutions.

Infiltrator System

Septic Installation in Florida

Check out some of our latest septic installations. We added drainfield to a septic system that had an addition added to the house.

Adding drainfield in backyard

Southern Water and Soil, Inc., can provide you with septic system designs and installation services in Pasco, Hernando, and Hillsborough Counties.

Drip Irrigation and ATU

SWS installs aerobic treatment units and drip irrigation systems. These alternative systems allow septic mound reductions.

Septic for MHP

SWS installs drainfield and septic systems for mobile home parks too. Come check us out at

AdvanTex Ax-Max Wastewater Treatment System

AdvanTex Ax-Max Wastewater Treatment System

By Amanda Deck


Southern Water and Soil offers customers a variety of options when it comes to septic tank installation and repair. From Norweco Singular Green to the Infiltrator system, this thriving hometown business provides only the most innovative and reliable septic system products on the market.


In most instances, Southern Water and Soil can install the traditional wastewater treatment system in which wastewater initially enters a septic tank where it’s separated into sludge (heavy, sinking solids) and scum (floating solids such as oil and grease). Liquid waste, commonly known as effluent or grey water, can be found in between the sludge and scum layers. As new raw sewage enters the tank, the old wastewater is displaced and pushed out of the tank toward the drainfield. In the drainfield section, wastewater slowly trickles through a series of pipes and into the soil which acts as a natural filter, capturing impurities before the water reaches the underground water table.


When installing a new septic solution, the experts at Southern Water and Soil will create a system that best fits the features of your property according to municipal and state codes. They will examine the size of your lawn, soil type, water table depth, and other topographical features to ensure quality wastewater filtration. When a conventional septic system cannot be installed, Southern Water and Soil provides customers with many different wastewater treatment options, including Orenco Systems’ AdvanTex AX-Max.


About AdvanTex AX-Max

Since 1981, Orenco has worked to design and manufacture affordable, sustainable wastewater technologies for individual properties and whole communities that are not connected to city sewer systems.


One of their most popular products, the AdvanTex AX-Max, is ideal for entire communities or commercial and residential developments. It has been installed for use at subdivisions, apartment complexes, golf course resorts, manufactured home parks, parks, RV parks, campgrounds, schools, churches, businesses, rest areas, truck stops, and other areas around the world. For example, the AX-Max system has provided excellent treatment at a mining camp in Alberta, Canada; at a new hospital in Soyo, Africa; and at a famous beach park in Malibu, California.


What makes the AdvanTex AX-Max system so effective is that the entire system is built inside a lightweight, insulated fiberglass tank that can range from 14 to 42 feet in length. AX-Max can be installed above ground (for maximum versatility in temporary or variable-flow situations) or in-ground. The system can include one individual tank or multiple tanks depending on usage rates.


How it Works

The AdvanTex AX-Max model utilizes a multiple-pass system featuring three chambers: recirc-blend, recirc-pump, and recirc-filtrate. To begin, wastewater flows through a PVC pipe into the 3,000 gallon recirc-blend chamber where effluent blends with filtrate dripping down from hanging textile media. A pump then draws blended effluent into the recirc-pump chamber and above the textile media for further filtration. As the wastewater drips through the textile media, microorganisms remove impurities, just as soil would in a traditional drainfield system. After several cycles of treatment through the textile media, treated wastewater is finally dispersed into the environment for reuse.


Why AdvanTex AX-Max?

The AdvanTex AX-Max offers customers a complete wastewater treatment package that requires little operation and maintenance, making it a great solution for small communities with part-time operational staff. In addition, it requires little electricity to operate, saving property owners thousands of dollars in energy bills over time.


Orenco Systems’ AdvanTex AX-Max is available for installation though Southern Water and Soil throughout Florida and the Greater Tampa Bay area including Zephyrhills, Brandon, Lutz, Odessa, Wesley Chapel, Land o Lakes, Riverview, Ruskin, Plant City, Seffner, Dade City, and beyond. Call Southern Water and Soil today!