Commercial Septic Contractor Florida

Southern Water and Soil, Inc., is based out of Zephyrhills, FL near Tampa, FL provides commercial septic contracting. SWS has the experience and education to provide their customers with septic system options needed to solve their septic problems. If you are looking for a commercial drainfield design or engineering then trust the septic experts at SWS.


If you need an engineer designed septic or a commercial septic installation then call the experts at SWS. SWS has former Florida Department of Health and Florida Department of Environmental Protection on staff. SWS has the septic contracting experience to get your project designed and installed in a timely manner.

Here are some examples of commercial septic system projects completed by SWS. These are a handful of the systems that we have completed.

1. Service station and convenience store septic system design and installation in Plant City, Florida.

The owners had repaired the system several times in the past. SWS installed an aerobic treatment unit and a drip irrigation disposal system.

2. Commercial septic installation for a fast food restaurant in Plant City, Florida.

The owners of this fast food restaurant has had issues with their septic system in the past. SWS designed a treatment system that handled their wastewater strength and dispersed it through drip irrigation.

3. This is a commercial low pressure dosing septic system for a mobile home park that was designed and installed in Pasco County, Florida.
SWS was called in to solve the mobile home parks septic problems.

4. This is a commercial septic system installation in San Antonio, Florida. This was installed at a restaurant that was expanding it’s seating capacity. SWS designed and installed the septic system.
5. This commercial septic system was installed in Lakeland, Florida. This system was designed and installed to handle a fast food restaurant and ice cream parlor.

6. This engineered septic system was designed and installed in Odessa, Florida. It was designed for a day care facility. The system is an advanced treatment system using a drip disposal system.

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