Effluent Disposal Systems

Southern Water and Soil, Inc., provides effluent disposal and reuse systems via the use of Geoflow drip irrigation systems and Infiltrator chamber systems. SWS provides Florida with wastewater treatment and disposal alternatives.

SWS provides wastewater engineering, wastewater treatment systems, and system construction services.

Geoflow Drip Irrigation
Effluent Disposal System
Wastewater Disposal System

Septic Tanks Tampa

Southern Water and Soil, Inc., is a septic tank installer in Tampa, Florida. Septic tank systems are a vital part of our wastewater infrastructures. Tampa septic tank systems total over 90,000. SWS provides septic tank inspections, septic tank designs, septic tank installations, and septic tank operations.

Tampa Septic Tanks

SWS installs septic tanks in Tampa large and small both commercial and residential.

Septic Tampa FL

If you are looking for a septic company in Tampa, FL area then look no further. SWS provides excellent septic service at affordable prices. If you want the job done right then Southern Water and Soil, Inc., has the right people to get your job done.

SWS provides septic service to Hillsborough Septic, Pasco Septic, Polk, Pinellas, and other surrounding counties.

Tampa has over 90,000 septic systems in place. Call SWS today for excellent septic service.

Septic Tampa FL

Septic Permitting in Tampa

If you need a septic tank permit then look no further SWS can handle all your septic permitting needs. Southern Water and Soil, Inc., is leader in the septic tank industry. Greg Mayfield is a Registered Sanitarian and Registered Septic Tank Contractor. Greg is a former Hillsborough County septic inspector. So, when it comes to septic know how then SWS will get the job done right.


Zephyrhills Septic Company

Southern Water and Soil, Inc., provides innovative and cost effective septic solutions for septic system needs and problems. Greg Mayfield is a licensed septic tank contractor, a registered sanitarian, and a certified environmental health professional.

If you are in the Zephyrhills, Florida area and need a new septic system then give SWS a call at 813-785-0500.


Septic Repair and Replacement Tampa

Hi my name is Greg Mayfield! I am the owner of Southern Water and Soil and I answer Tampa’s septic problem questions with science and experience. There are several septic options that provide relief for the property owner suffering from bad drain fields or leach fields. SWS is a septic repair company in Tampa providing their customers with the highest quality septic product at affordable prices.

If you are contemplating a drainfield or septic system repair give SWS a shot at your stinking business. Septic repair options include distribution box replacements, septic drainfield jetting, chemical treatment and line flushing, bacteria and enzymes, aeration and remediation of drainfield.

If you have septic problems that require septic tank or drainfield replacement then SWS can provide the following services:

  • septic drainfield inspection
  • septic drainfield estimates and quotes
  • septic permitting and soil testing
  • septic drainfield replacement
  • septic installation of new drainfield
  • septic maintenance

Call SWS at 813-785-0500 today for a free consultation!

Septic System Problems in Tampa, Florida

If you are having problems with your septic system and you are in the Tampa Bay Area there are a few things to think about. Septic problems can be such a drain to the wallet. Septic system maintenance can cost money up front; however, it can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Finding a septic service company that you can trust is hard to find. Many septic companies do what we call pump and run. If you have a company giving you a really cheap pump out then likely they are not pumping out the entire tank or they are illegally dumping.

Many tanks built after 1995 have a baffle or partition. If your tank has a baffle or a partition then there are two clean out plugs. Both plugs should be opened and the contents drained. The plug closest to the house or where the water enters is where the solids will build the most. If you don’t have a baffle or partition in the tank then either end of the tank can be opened and pumped. Make sure you get the solids pumped out of your tank. SWS prefers that the owner be present to inspect the tank.

If a drainfield repair is a must then let the drainfield design experts at Southern Water and Soil provide you with the most options for your septic system needs. Call the drain field repair and replacement experts at SWS. We can help you through your ordeal and help you solve your septic system problems.

The Best Septic Company in Florida

If you are looking for the best septic company in Florida, then look no further! Southern Water and Soil, Inc., will be the best phone call you can make. Call SWS at 813-785-0500 or visit us on the web at www.southernwatersolutions.com.

If you are looking for a second opinion on a drainfield or septic problem then you can call Southern Water and Soil, Inc., which is located in Tampa, Florida. SWS has experience in sewage treatment systems, engineered low pressure dosing designs, drip irrigation systems, septic tank replacements, septic tank installations. At SWS, no job is too big or too small! Call SWS today for your free consulation!

SWS owner's
Owner's Greg and Tanya Mayfield

Performance Based Treatment Systems

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PBTS Septic System Tampa, FL
PBTS in Tampa, Florida
Southern Water and Soil, Inc., designs, engineers, installs, and maintains many different types of performance based treatment systems and advanced treatment units. SWS provides a circle of services for the onsite wastewater industry. In Florida, SWS is a leader in the onsite septic industry.