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Drain Fields, Dade City, FL

At Tampa Septic, we work with property owners to provide a range of services related to drain fields.

Drain Fields in Dade City, Florida

Drain fields are vital components in septic systems. When waste moves through the plumbing system and into the septic tank, it forms layers. The liquid waste is treated and moves out of the tank, where it enters the drain field. This component includes a set of perforated pipes buried in gravel or another material that allows for filtration. After the liquid waste moves into the drain field, it exits through the perforations and re-enters the soil after going through the gravel. Functional drain fields play a major role in the safety of septic systems on properties across the country.

At Tampa Septic, we work with property owners to provide a range of services related to drain fields. Our experienced technicians can install drain fields as part of a new system installation or replace a damaged drain field. We’re also available to perform drain field maintenance and repair for clients located throughout Dade City, Florida.

One of the best ways to protect the drain field in your septic system is to care for and maintain the other components. If your tank gets too full, some of the solid waste could move into the drain field and cause serious damage. You could even end up with contaminated waste moving back into the water table, which threatens the safety of your property and those around you. If you’re concerned about the drain field in your septic system, contact us to schedule a service. We’ll take care of your system and ensure that everything is working properly.

At Tampa Septic, we offer drain fields services in Tampa, Odessa, Lutz, Land O’ Lakes, Brandon, Spring Hill, Zephyrhills, Plant City, Dade City, Brooksville, Lake Wales, Thonotosassa, Wesley Chapel, and Ridge Manor, Florida.


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