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Drain Field Replacement, Odessa, FL

If you live in Odessa, FL, let our team help you with all of your septic needs, including drain field replacement.

Drain Field ReplacementOver time, drain fields age and wear down, much like the components of any other system in your home or business. With proper installation, care for the system, and good soil, a drain field may last up to 50 years, although 20 years is a more common estimate. When it comes time for a drain field replacement, here are a few things to consider that will help you make the best choice for your property and your needs.

First, consider how your current drain field failed. Whether this is related to age, effluent flow, vehicles traveling over the drain field, biomat growth, root infiltration from shrubs or trees, changes in the local water table, or changes in soil, we can learn what went awry and plan in a way to avoid or mitigate these problems in the future.

The second consideration in drain field replacement is the current state of the septic tank. Drain field replacement is an excellent time to evaluate the entire system and see what can be done better. New advances in septic technology help to handle greater waste water flow, produce higher-quality effluent, and begin the breakdown process before the drain field.

The third consideration is location, and whether the current drain field can be salvaged. If you’re on a smaller property, you may not be able to construct a drain field in a new location, and biomat growth in the old location may prove a complication to any drain field replacement you may undertake. It’s important to consider saturated soils, changes in local waterways and water table since the last drain field replacement, and your current and anticipated needs for the expected lifespan of the new drain field. Occasionally, the old drain field needs a rest, and after several years can be alternated with the new drain field for better overall performance.

If you live in Odessa, FL, let our team at Southern Water and Soil help you with the best solutions to all of your septic needs, including drain field replacement.

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