Failed Septic System Replaced

Southern Water and Soil replaced a PTI multi-pipe system that failed within a 3 year period. The PTI 9 pipe or ADS multi-pipe system is a product that receives a reduction in drainfield size that allows a more affordable solution.

Failed PTI Drainfield

There are usually more than one reason a drainfield fails. One must look at the amount of water, fats, oils, and grease that enter the septic system. When a system is reduced in size due to the product it leaves very little room for error.

Grease and Sludge Buildup

Let SWS review your situation and provide you with septic solutions.

Infiltrator System

Drainfield and Drainage

Septic system drainfield and drainage products should be reviewed and understood by the consumer prior to making a decision. As moreĀ  products are being developed every year, it is important to provide a comparison of some of the different drainfield and drainage products designed for septic systems. Some of the drainfield products are discussed below:

1. Infiltrator Chambers
Infiltrator chambers are innovative rockless system that creates a void underground for water to percolate into the ground. The system consists of a strong shell to provide a sturdy infrastructure for the drainfield system.

2. Multipipe or PTI
Multipipe is a bundle of pipes bundled together to provide a void space to allow water to drain into the ground.

3. Geoflow Drip System
Drip systems in the septic and wastewater industry has become a very proven wastewater disposal system, especially here in Florida.

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