Septic Drainfield Installation in Odessa, FL

We recently completed a project in Lutz, Florida. Another company tried an alternative drainfield repair using an aeration unit. The drainfield was not functioning. So we had to excavate the bad drainfield and the bad soil and haul it away. We replaced the bad soil with washed septic sand. This is a must for a properly designed septic system.

Properly Excavated Pit

Proper drainage of the septic system requires a soil test to determine what the soil loading rate is for the native soils onsite. Once the size is determined the bad soil is removed and good soil is placed to aid in the drainage.

Infiltrator Chambers and Washed Septic Sand

Once the the drainfield has been installed it is time for the Health Department to inspect the system and determine if the construction was done properly. Covering the system requires the right equipment to be used. We use track machines to lessen the load on the soil.

Septic System Covered and Graded

When SWS covers we haul away any debris and have your site ready for your landscaping to be re-installed. If you don’t have a local landscaper we can recommend a company or two.

Yard After Septic Installation

If you are in the Tampa Area and need a new septic or drainfield then give us a call at 813-785-0500.

Septic Repair Company Serving Pasco and Hillsborough

Septic Repair Company

Southern Water and Soil, Inc., is located in Zephyrhills,  Florida. If you are looking for all the options to your septic system needs then give SWS a call.


SWS installs drip irrigation systems for septic systems for several reasons:
1. Tight lot
2. Lower mound height
3. Extended drain field life


SWS installs new septic systems and replacement septic systems. Using quality septic parts is what SWS does. SWS installs products by Infiltrator, Orenco, Norweco, Geoflow, Bear Onsite, Tuf-Tite, Barnes, Sta-Rite, and other brands.




SWS proudly serves Zephyrhills,  Dade City, Wesley Chapel, Land of Lakes, Lutz, Odessa, Thonotosassa,  and Plant City.

Septic Company Serving the Tampa Bay Area

Southern Water and Soil, Inc., provides septic service to the Tampa Bay Area. SWS strives to provide it’s clients with the best septic system solutions that are possible. The owner is Greg Mayfield and he is a former Florida Department of Health inspector. He has been fully trained and understand s the problems that plague drain fields, leach beds, and septic tanks. Providing sound solutions based on regulatory experience is what SWS brings to the table for their clients.

Commercial Septic Florida
Infiltrator Chamber System

Southern Water and Soil, Inc., can help you with your septic problems. Whether you need a drainfield design, a septic system soil evaluation or percolation test, septic system cost, engineer designed septic system, septic drip irrigation system, low pressure dosing septic system, or other septic system needs, then SWS can help you!

Drainfield installation cost
Drainfield Replacement

If you need a septic tank or drainfield replacement then SWS has the septic system options for you. If everyone is quoting you septic system mounds then look at septic alternatives like drip irrigation. SWS uses Geoflow Systems drip irrigation systems. If your septic system requires nitrogen reducing septic systems then SWS has the solutions for you.

Nitrogen Septic
Nitrogen Reducing Septic System

Florida septic contractor that serves residential and commercial clients. Southern Water and Soil, Inc., serves all of Florida with commercial and engineered septic systems and the Tampa Bay Area with residential septic services. If you need a septic system designed, engineered, installed, or maintained then call the experts. SWS has installed performance based septic systems, drip irrigation systems, nitrogen reducing systems, mound septic systems, low pressure dosing septic systems, timed dosed septic systems, and many other types of septic systems.

SWS owner's
Owner’s Greg and Tanya Mayfield

Please give SWS a shot at your septic business and you won’t regret it! SWS takes pride in what they do. We want to make our customers satisfied and refer us out! Give us a call 813-785-0500.


Leaking Septic Tank Problems in Florida

Aging septic tanks can cause problems by allowing untreated wastewater to enter the groundwater supply. Also, another problem is that water can enter the septic system and overflow the drainfield and cause premature failure. We have seen where seals have deterioted overtime and cause tanks to be leaky.

Properly Sealed Tank

Properly sealed tanks and structurally sound septic tanks are needed to protect our environment and provide proper treatment of the septic tank effluent. If you have a septic system that leaks it can damage your drainfield or pollute waters for drinking and recreation. The responsible thing to do is to  have your septic system inspected for potential problems and avert them before they occur.

Leaking Septic Tank Replacement

SWS can replace your septic tank with a new HDPE tank that doesn’t crack or leak like concrete tanks. These tanks are an injection molded tank that is stronger than other poly tanks. The tank pictured was installed in Zephyrhills, Fl just outside of Tampa, FL.

If you are in the Tampa Bay Area and you have a leaking or aging septic tank don’t hesitate to call the septic experts at SWS @ 813-785-0500.

Septic System Inspection

10-Point Septic System Inspection
By Amanda Furmage-Deck

Replacing a septic system can cost thousands of dollars. In fact, a new septic system costs an average of $15,000 in the United States. Therefore, when it’s time for your next septic system inspection, choose an experienced engineer. Consider hiring Greg Mayfield and the highly trained experts at Southern Water and Soil, Inc.

Mayfield—a past Florida Department of Health septic tank inspector—has the solid science, educational, and career experience necessary to do the job right the first time. Southern Water and Soil will perform an extensive 10-point inspection to ensure each aspect of your septic system is working properly.

The SWS 10-Point Septic System Inspection:
Depth of Lid- A typical septic tank lid is buried less than a foot below the surface, right below the top of the soil. However, due to certain factors, lids are sometimes buried deeper than one foot, which can result in extra digging and locating charges—more money coming out of your pocket. In order to cut these costs, SWS will help you consider installing a riser or elevated access cover to make your septic tank more accessible in the future.
Condition of Lid- The septic tank lid plays a crucial role in the maintaining the health of your wastewater system. If the lid is damaged, dirt, rocks, and other foreign matter can enter the tank and cause significant harm to your system—even potential collapse.
Size of the Opening- SWS will inspect the size of the large main opening to your septic tank.  If the opening is not large enough to provide adequate access, then a thorough inspection may not be able to be performed.
Scum Blanket Depth- The scum blanket is the accumulation of floatable solids in your septic tank, which includes oil and grease. If the scum layer is too thick, these solids can potentially exit the tank and enter the drain field. If your septic tank’s scum blanket level exceeds 6” in depth, SWS will advise you to increase your tank pumping frequency.
Sludge Depth- The sludge layer within your septic tank consists of heavy, sinking solids. Like the scum blanket, thick sludge layers can damage your entire septic system. If your septic tank’s sludge level exceeds 10” in depth, SWS will advise you to increase your tank pumping frequency.
Water Run Back from Drain Field- SWS will observe the amount of water flow into your drain field. If water from the drain field reenters the septic tank, further investigation must be performed by the inspectors as this is an indication of a damaged drain field.
Water Flow from House/Building- During the inspection, the SWS team will ask you to flush a toilet to ensure water from your house/building is flowing to the septic tank unimpeded. Slow flow can indicate a clog.
Sewage Over Drain Field- If sewage is rising onto the surface of your lawn, you may be experiencing an oversaturated drain field. This will result in a more in-depth investigation of your septic system.
Inlet Baffle- The inlet baffle connects household plumbing lines to your septic tank and directs sewage downward below the liquid level. If the inlet baffle is damaged, the liquid layer may become disrupted, allowing solids to enter the drain field.
Outlet Baffle- The outlet baffle connects the septic tank to the drain field. If the outlet baffle is damaged, scum and sludge may enter the drain field. 

Zephyrhills Septic Company

Southern Water and Soil, Inc., provides innovative and cost effective septic solutions for septic system needs and problems. Greg Mayfield is a licensed septic tank contractor, a registered sanitarian, and a certified environmental health professional.

If you are in the Zephyrhills, Florida area and need a new septic system then give SWS a call at 813-785-0500.